FOLK (60s-70s)

  • An unknown and precious album recorded in 1975 by two friends who recorded one side each, they made just two acetates and then handmade beautiful covers from two enlargements of a photograph of the Isles of St Kilda. Side one is a neo classical prog rock epic in the style of Renaissance and...

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    ACROSS THE WATER - Across The Water - LP

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  • Revisiting the music he composed as a 16 year old in 1975 Peter Mc Kerrow crafts an extended experimental prog rock work for all of side one based on his experiences on the Isles of St Kilda. Side 2 contains another work this time inspired by underwater experiences near the Scilly Isles. Peter...

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    ACROSS THE WATER - Scillonian Solace - LP

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  • Peter McKerrow revisits the experimental electronic composition he made in 1975 after a life altering trip to the Isle of St Kilda. He worked on the piece through the decades and here he presents the final composition - and as a companion piece a second experimental work inspired by underwater...

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    ACROSS THE WATER II - Scillonian Solace (...) - CD

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  • EDEN - Eden's Island (2LP Black) - EVERLAND PSYCH (2LP) | Guerssen

    The ultimate reissue of one of the world's most important albums in the field of Exotica, Jazz and even Proto Psychedelic Music from 1960 - and the first official reissue ever! * Includes 20 almost unreleased bonus songs from different sessions. * Carefully restored and remastered from original...

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    AHBEZ, EDEN - Eden’s Island (...) - 2LP

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  • "Diré a mi gente" is a 1969 Colombian pop classic with one foot in protest song and the other in acid rock, harsh sounding but also current and sincere. The rawness of the lyrics, the simple and dynamic electrified instrumentation and the contrast with the sweetness and innocence of the adolescent...

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    ANA y JAIME - Diré A Mi Gente - LP

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  • Ian A. - Royal York Crescent - BONFIRE RECORDS (LP) | Guerssen

    Fully remastered and licensed ltd to 500 copies, 180 gr. When we talk about british folk revival we should not forget a key figure as Ian A. Anderson, a songwriter on its own and a truly prime mover in the local scene. Currently editor of the 'world music magazine' fRoots, Ian A. Anderson first...

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    ANDERSON, Ian A. - Royal York Crescent - LP

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  • Ars Nova was an American psychedelic/progressive rock band that performed and recorded from 1967 to 1969. They recorded two albums. The first was a 1968 self-titled album for the Elektra label, on which the personnel comprised Wyatt Day (guitar, vocals, piano, organ), John Pierson (vocal,...

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    ARS NOVA - Ars nova - LP

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  • West Coast Folk/Blues Psych Rock! Formed in 1967 by Canadian hippies and an American draft dodger, As Sheriff brought the fuzz and smoke to Victoria and Vancouver's underground scenes with their DIY attitude, guttural guitars, hypnotic harmonies, and anti-war covers - featuring future May Blitz...

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    AS SHERIFF - Six Ways To The Ace - LP

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  • John ENSEMBLE - Music Of The Middle east - LIFE GOES ON RECORDS (LP) | Guerssen

    Best known for his proficiency on the Oud, John Berberian has been releasing music since the early-1960s. While attending New York's Columbia University, Berberian made his professional musical debut playing the Oud in support of violinist Reuben Sarkisian. While completing an MBA from Harvard,...

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    BERBERIAN, John ENSEMBLE - Music Of The Middle (...) - LP

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  • Sandy - Live In San Francisco Late 1969 - TRADING PLACES (LP) | Guerssen

    Sandy Bull's unorthodox approach to guitar was as unique as his personal circumstances. Son of jazz harpist Daphne Hellman and brother to the sitarist Daisy Paradis, Bull became part of the bourgeoning Greenwich Village folk circuit. A move to San Francisco in 1963 found him sharing an apartment...

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    BULL, Sandy - Live In San (...) - LP

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  • Related to Paradise Square, Cair Paravel was the second project of singer / songwriter Pete Ryder, a key player on two of the most rare and sought-after private folk albums from the UK. This time, the band recorded at a real studio and the result was "Some Other Morning", released in 1976 on the...

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    CAIR PARAVEL - Some other morning - LP

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  • David Callinan is nowadays better known as a writer having published an amount of books moving from the thriller genre to children's stories and also some non-fiction essays, but in his younger days he spent many years on the road as a musician and singer-songwriter. He formed Irish folk band The...

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    CALLINAN - FLYNN - Freedom’s (...) - LP

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  • Véronique - J'ai vu le loup - BONFIRE RECORDS (LP) | Guerssen

    Fully licensed, ltd to 500 copies, 180 gr. Comprised of a precious inlay card featuring an exclusive essai by Emma Tricca. "This is an album that takes you on a supernatural journey to the discovery of ancient sounds that move our souls in the deepest of manners".Veronique Chalot was born in...

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    CHALOT, Véronique - J’ai vu le (...) - LP

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  • Michael - And Then There Were Three - LANTERN HEIGHTS (2LP) | Guerssen

    Fully licensed, ltd to 500 copies double 180 gr. vinyl. Here's Lantern Heights' personal tribute to the one and only Michael Chapman, a hero in his own right, a 'Fully Qualified Survivor' (just to mention one of his most successful creations). An unreleased live album on vinyl in the form of an...

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    CHAPMAN, Michael - And Then There Were (...) - 2LP

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  • Gene - Roadmaster - KLIMT (LP) | Guerssen

    This album is made up primarily of sessions Gene Clark, co-founder of the Byrds, did on A&M records, which were abruptly cancelled by the record company. Several years later, some of the songs from these sessions, along with two Gene Clark songs recorded by the original Byrds, 'One In a Hundred'...

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    CLARK, Gene - Roadmaster - LP

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  • Gene - White Light - A&M (LP) | Guerssen

    The second solo album by Gene Clark, a former member of The Byrds, White Light [aka Gene Clark], in spite of its high musical quality, never made it into the US charts in its time, even if it achieved commercial success in the Netherlands, where rock critics also voted it album of the year. Clark's...

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    CLARK, Gene - White Light - LP

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  • Karen - It's So Hard To Tell Who's Going To Love You - ELEMENTAL MUSIC (LP) | Guerssen

    "My favorite singer in the place was Karen Dalton. She had a voice like Billie Holiday's and played the guitar like Jimmy Reed"- Bob Dylan This essential folk/blues classic, originally released in 1969, was the debut album by Karen Dalton. Dalton was discovered by singer/songwriter Fred Neil, who...

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    DALTON, Karen - It’s So Hard (...) - LP

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  • Barry - Barry Dransfield - GUERSSEN (LP) | Guerssen

    In 1972, Barry Dransfield recorded his debut solo album. Just called "Barry Dransfield", the album is a real delight from start to finish. It features an array of traditional songs arranged by Barry, some original ones and some fantastic covers from people like Michael Hurley ("The werewolf") and...

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    DRANSFIELD, Barry - Barry Dransfield - LP

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  • Merrell - Merrell Fankhauser (The Maui Album) - OUT-SIDER MUSIC (LP) | Guerssen

    After his stint with Fapardokly, HMS Bounty and MU, Merrell Fankauser released his first solo album in 1976. Comprised of songs written a year earlier while Merrell and violin player Mary Lee were living in the jungle of Maui, this is a brilliant set of spiritual folk-rock and 70s orchestrated SSW...

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    FANKHAUSER, Merrell - Merrell Fankhauser (...) - LP

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  • FAPARDOKLY - Fapardokly - GUERSSEN (LP) | Guerssen

    Fapardokly is probably regarded as the most important release in Merrell Fankhauser's long career, and an absolute collector's item. The band recorded about 30 tracks in a small studio in Palmdale, California, from 1965 to 1967, when the owner of the studio decided to release an album with some of...

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    FAPARDOKLY - Fapardokly - LP

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  • Reissue of the sole album of this Catalan duo, Feliu Gasull (Spanish guitar) and Joan Albert Amargós (piano), both cousins. Post-Musica Urbana, originally released by Edigsa in 1977 and never reissued before. Recommended for lovers of Toti Soler, Musica Urbana and progressive in general. Newly...

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    FELIU i JOAN ALBERT - Feliu i Joan Albert - CD

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  • One of the most obscure UK private pressings ever with only a handful of copies actually known in collections. Ultra lo-fi, fragile psychedelic folk from 1974 with acid flashes, backward effects, electric guitars, homemade stoned atmosphere...Compared to other psych-folk classics like Virgin...

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    FERRIS WHEEL - Supernatural Girl - LP

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  • Hugo - Paraibo - SHADOKS (LP) | Guerssen

    "Everything began in 1977 when the poet, Antônio de Pádua Carvalho invited me to create melody for his poetries. At that time I was lead guitarist of the band " The Gentlemen "(a garage northwest group that included Zé Ramalho (who released the wonderful DLP together with Lula Cortez) in one of...

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    FILHO, Hugo - Paraibo - LP

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  • Reissue of a classic 1974 French acid folk album.

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    FOLKDOVE - Folkdove (CD) - CD

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