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Related to Paradise Square, Cair Paravel was the second project of singer / songwriter Pete Ryder, a key player on two of the most rare and sought-after private folk albums from the UK. This time, the band recorded at a real studio and the result was “Some Other Morning”, released in 1976 on the Koala label as a tiny edition of 250 copies (four stars rating in the Pokora book).

Gorgeous, atmospheric folk with ethereal male-female vocals and magical atmosphere. Includes a superb cover of “Hill climbing for beginners”, originally by Water Into Wine Band.

First ever reissue of this top rarity with remastered sound, repro of the original lyrics insert plus new liner notes by Richard Allen (Shindig!).

“Beautiful delicate British progressive folk featuring lovely female lead singing alternating with fragile male vocals that are imperfect yet charming. This is an exceptional record, on equal footing with classics like Presence and Caedmon” -Ken Scott (Archivist)


Just a Beginner – September Night Song – A Song for Judas – Longer and Longer – Some Other Morning – Hill Climbing for Beginners – Sand in my Shoes – Summers End – Winter Lady – Better Day – Look to You