Freedom’s Lament



Cat Nº: LPS182




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David Callinan is nowadays better known as a writer having published an amount of books moving from the thriller genre to children’s stories and also some non-fiction essays, but in his younger days he spent many years on the road as a musician and singer-songwriter. He formed Irish folk band The Spalpteens prior to moving to what has been dubbed as “celtic swamo music” with Urban Clearway, with whom he toured with the likes of Elton John, Billy Connolly. Fairport Convention and Rod Stewart, a.o. After Urban Clearway split, Callinan joined forces with Mick Flynn in the folk-rock singer-songwriter duo Callinan-Flynn. They recorded Freedom’s Lament in 1972 with Kieran O’Connor (Second Hand, Moving Finger) on drums and Romey Young on Jew’s Harp. The original edition on the collectable label Mushroom is a highly sought after piece among collectors, fetching prices over the 200EUR tag.


First ever vinyl reissue in a strictly limited edition of only 500 copies, featuring two bonus tracks not on the original LP.