There’s plenty of great releases up’n’coming here at Guerssen!!!

Here’s a list of releases to come out soon!

TOP DRAWER “Solid oak” LP / CD (USA, 72)

OPTIC NERVE “Lotta Nerve” LP

OPTIC NERVE “Forever and a day” LP

WILLIAM PENN AND HIS PALS “William Penn and his pals” LP (USA, 66/67)

WILLIAM PENN FYVE “Swami / Blow my mind” 7″ (USA, 66)

KRISTYL   “Kristyl”   LP   (USA, 75)

ELIAS HULK   “Unchained”   LP   (UK, 70)

NECRONOMICON   “Tips Zum Selbstmord”   LP   (GER, 72)

RJ & RIOTS    “RJ and the Riots”   LP   (PHI, 64)

SAMUEL PRODY    “Samuel Prody”  LP/CD   (UK, 71)

GLASS PRISM   “Poe through the glass prism”   LP   (USA, 69)

GLASS PRISM   “On joy and sorrow”       LP   (USA, 70)

FLOW, The   “The Flow’s Greatest Hits”   LP   (USA, 72)

PETE FINE    “On a day of crystaline thought”   LP   (USA, 74)

MUSICA URBANA           “Música Urbana”   LP   (CAT, 76)

BLUE MAX   “Limited edition”   LP   (USA, 77)

AMERICAN DREAM  “1969 Rundgren demos”   LP   (USA, 69)

The SYN    “Original Syn”  LP    (UK, 65-69)

SYNANTHESIA   “Synanthesia”   LP   (UK, 69)

SPRIGUNS OF TOLGUS  “Rowdy, Dowdy Day”  LP  (UK 74)

SPRIGUNS OF TOLGUS  “Jack with a feather”  LP  (UK, 75)

MANDY MORTON & SPRIGUNS  “Magic lady”  LP  (UK, 1978)