There’s plenty of great releases up’n’coming here at Guerssen!!!

Here’s a list of releases to come out soon!

HORSE “Horse” LP (UK, 1970)

DAVE “Whatever happened to…?” LP / Digital (UK, 2005)

THE SHIVER “Walpurgis” LP (Switzerland, 1969)

MAMA LION “Preserve wildlife” LP / Digital (USA, 1972)

HEAVY CRUISER “Heavy cruiser” LP / Digital (USA, 1972)

HEAVY CRUISER “Lucky dog” LP / Digital (USA, 1973)

BLOODY MARY “Bloody Mary” LP / Digital (USA, 1974)

DANTALIAN’S CHARIOT “Chariot rising” LP (UK, 1967-68)

SUNLIGHT “Creation of Sunlight” LP / CD / Digital (USA, 1970)

FYTER “Fyter” LP / Digital (USA, 1978)

FYTER “Flying” LP / Digital (unreleased, USA)

HARD STUFF “Bolex Dementia” LP (UK, 1973)

ANDROMEDA “Seven lonely street” LP (UK)

STONED ROSE “Stoned Rose” LP (unreleased, UK)

LAS MOSQUITAS “Las Mosquitas” LP (Argentina, 1965)

HARD STUFF “Bullet proof” LP (UK, 1972)

WIZARD “The original Wizard” LP (USA, 1971)

DOM “Edge of Time” LP / CD / Digital (GER, 1972)

KOPPERFIELD “Tales untold” LP (USA, 1974)

RUMPLESTILTSKIN “Rumplestiltskin” LP (UK, 1970)

KEITH NOBLE “Mr. Compromise” LP / CD / Digital (UK, 1970)

STOW LAKE “Flite” LP / Digital (USA unreleased, 1970-71)

ASGARD “For Asgard” LP / Digital (USA unreleased, 1971-72)

SONGS “Vertigo” LP / Digital (USA unreleased 1973-75)

HARMER, Jeremy “Idiosyncratics and Swallows Wings LP (UK, 1969)

JOHN ST. FIELD “Control” LP (UK, 1975)

HARD MEAT “The unreleased album” LP (UK, 70s)

HEAVY RAIN “Heavy Rain” LP (UK, 73)

EMMETT FINLEY “Emmett Finley” LP (USA, 1971)

PULSE “Pulse” LP (USA, 1969)

ARTWOODS, The “Art Gallery” LP (UK, 66)

ARTWOODS, The “Singles compilation” 2LP (UK, 64-67)

LUIGI ANADA BOYS “Feeling the ceiling” LP (UK, 78)

MISTY “Misty” LP (UK, 69)

PODER DEL ALMA “S/T” LP (Nicaragua, 74)

PODER DEL ALMA “S/T”(2nd) LP (Nicaragua, 75)

ROCKETS “De mi para ti” LP (Nicaragua, 77)

SAMUEL PRODY    “Samuel Prody”  LP/CD   (UK, 71)

GLASS PRISM   “Poe through the glass prism”   LP   (USA, 69)

GLASS PRISM   “On joy and sorrow”       LP   (USA, 70)

PETE FINE    “On a day of crystaline thought”   LP   (USA, 74)

MUSICA URBANA           “Música Urbana”   LP   (CAT, 76)

BLUE MAX   “Limited edition”   LP   (USA, 77)

SPRIGUNS OF TOLGUS  “Rowdy, Dowdy Day”  LP  (UK 74)

SPRIGUNS OF TOLGUS  “Jack with a feather”  LP  (UK, 75)