Neurotic Reactions Vol. 2



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In 2008, the first volume of “Neurotic Reactions” was released. It was received with great success and it was a good example of the kind of sounds that were spinned in the Euro Sixties scene. Obscure singles from the 60s and 70s were rescued and different genres like freakbeat, garage, psych and hard rock mixed to create the ultimate dancefloor soundtrack.

Now we’re back at action with a brand new second volume. This time the focus is in 60s mod sounds: beat, freakbeat, garage, wild R&B, mod-soul, groovie ye-ye…

You’ll find the usual dose of obscure gems and dancefloor friendly tracks. Highlights include the terrific garage sounds of Don & Jerry, killer R&B by The Sting Rays and Measles, mod-soul dancers by Barry Window and Combinations, fuzzy freakbeat by Sparklings and Norma, psychedelic ye-ye sounds by Katty Line and Jack Treese, mod anthems by Virgil Murray, Dave Peace Union and Goodies…and much more!

Professionally remastered sound and liner notes about each artist.Tracklisting:

SIDE A: 1. BARRY WINDOW: End of our road (UK, 1969) 2. COMBINATIONS: Bump ball (USA, 1968) 3. JACK TREESE : Je suis un éléphant (France, 1969) 4. VIRGIL MURRAY’S TOMORROW’S YESTERDAY: I still care (USA, 1968) 5. THE GOODIES: Such a good time (Australia, 1966) 6. LOS TIBURONES: Me has cazado (Spain, 1965) 7. THE STING RAYS: I’m gonna surprise you (USA, 1965) 8. CELEST: Sweet Wine (Sweden, 1967)

SIDE B 1. DON & JERRY with The Fugitives: In the cover of night (USA, 1965) 2. NORMA: Quiero amor (Mexico, 1968) 3. THE MEASLES: Bye birdie fly (UK, 1965) 4. SPARKLINGS: Seven jump (Holland, 1967) 5. THE DAVE PEACE UNION : Seventh son (UK/Spain, 1970) 6. THE PEDDLERS: Delicious lady (UK, 1967) 7. KATTY LINE: Un petit peu d’amour (France, 1968) 8. JOHN O’BRIEN DOCKER: Get wise, girl (Germany, 1969)