¿Quién Es El Mayor? (& C.V.P.)



Cat Nº: DM008



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We have the great honour of presenting to you the first official reissue of the last project of Gerardo Manuel’s trilogy with Humo. Recorded in 1973 in the style of his previous two albums, although this is the most progressive. As the lyrics leant toward social protest, the military in power didn’t want this music to be popular and as a result of this most of the copies were destroyed. This has made the album extremely rare and an authentic lost jewel of South America Rock.

SIDE A: A1 Pirámide – A2 Disculpe señor – A3 Canción feliz de verano (Intro) – A4 Canción feliz de verano – A5 Eva – A6 Una y otra vez
SIDE B: B1 Mira bien hermano – B2 Tres guitarras – B3 Todo lo que hay en mí – B4 Clementina – B5 ¿Quién es el mayor? – B6 Atardecer