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“Mr. Toytown Presents…Obscure Psychedelic, Popsyke & Soft-Pop 45s, 1969-1974” (Toytown Recordings TT-1001)
With BARRY WIGLEY, MIKE & TOTI, SCHIZO, TUCKY BUZZARD, PANICS, BIG CHERRY, NAPOLEON, SCHIZO, JUMBO, CHILDREN OF THE MORNING, CHRISTOPHE, DORIANS, WHITE, SUNSHINE, BLACK SWAN & many more…All tracks taken from 45s by mostly european bands from the early 70s, released in Spain on small cult labels like Opalo, Accion, Poplandia, Bocaccio, Top, Goma…
21 tracks with remastered sound, 8 page booklet with pictures and informative liner notes in english about each band and amazing sleeve design. Limited edition of 500 copies.
“Probably the best, most original, most exciting compilation of the past 10 years!”…
“The European early-70s equivalent of ‘Circus Days.”…
“A classic! It easily ranks with the top pop psyke comps of all time.”
…”Simply essential to lovers of UK-styled sounds, the materials range from twee pop syke and fluffy whimsy to folky floaters and dippy hippy nonsense, but the full-on psych and heavyweight brain-shaggers are not neglected…they’re all here on one disc” (Sweet Floral Albion e-zine)