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“Nightmares at Toby’s shop”… Obscure psychedelic, popsyke & progressive pop 45s, 1968-1974. This time, along with euro oddities released on Spanish labels like Poplandia, Opalo, Accion, Goma, Sintonia, Marfer, etc., you can also find some 45s only issued in France & Germany on labels like Byg, Admiral & Az.
An impressive and eclectic selection featuring bands from all over the globe but mostly from the old continent: Spain, Netherlands, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, Italy, USA, Brazil… and it features an explosive cocktails of sounds: Over the top Heavy Guitar Psych by EKSEPTION, CHUBBY CHECKER with his euro only “psychedelic” single, “My Mind”, which sounds like Hendrix jamming with Blue Cheer; weird french Acid Psych by FRANCOIS WERTHEIMER, taken from one of the rarest BYG label 45s from the early 70s; amazing late sixties Mod – Psych by KISS INC, NICK GARRIE with a french only 45 track not included on his mega bucks album; Bubblegum insanity by Jumbo, orchestrated Sunshine – Psych by DAVEY PAYNE and THE PANICS, toytown Popsyke by SOFT PILLOW doing a rare Bee Gees composition, JACK GRUNSKY, WITCH WAY, CYAN, DULCES AÑOS with a haunting baroque-harpsichord track sung in spanish; early 70s Progressive Pop by SPECTRUM, PAPOOSE and brazilian band LIGHT REFLECTIONS; yugoslavian band TOP GENERATION with their psych-pop smasher “Stop, Stop”; exploitation 70s psych weirdness by GEEBROS, KID ROCK, A. W KID…and much more!