Diggin’ down Argentina Vol. 2



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When the first volume of “Diggin’ Down Argentina” was released a couple years back, it was a major revelation for many people: it was like finding a secret door to a bizarre, unknown universe full of weird bands playing some of the most crude garage, freakbeat and psychedelia you could ever hear.

This second volume unleash to the world another amazing selection of obscure tracks compiled here for the first time. This is a real “all killers, no fillers” comp! Dig the monster freakbeat-fuzz sound of Mel Williams ; garage-soul mod dancers by Los Tios Queridos, Trio Galleta and Tonelada ; hard-psych by Caballo Vapor, Brujos, Bosques, Formación 2000, Crema… ; exotic acid-psych by Kon-Tiki ; raw psychedelic garage by Provos, a fuzzed-out cover of Love’s “Stand Out” by Alta Tensión…and more.

All tracks taken from obscure 45s and LPs, most of them released in tiny quantities at the time.

Perfect remastered sound, nice colour sleeve and insert with rare pictures and detailed liner notes in English.

TRACKLISTING: SIDE 1: 01. MEL WILLIAMS – Mr. Baker (1970) 02. BOSQUES – La Casa Que Un Dia (1970) 03. TRIO GALLETA – Te Vere En La Esquina (1971) 04. PACIFIC BAND – Sally Row (1971) 05. BRUJOS – Desesperacion (1970) 06. ALTA TENSION -Sobresaliente (Stand Out) (1970) 07. KON-TIKI – Recorrido Sin Final (1976)

SIDE 2: 01. CABALLO VAPOR – Ilusion De Libertad (1974) 02. JUMBO – Todo Con Eso (1970) 03. PROVOS – Eva (1970) 04. TONELADA – Amor En Nuestras Almas (Love In Our Soul) (1972) 05. CREMA – Loco, Loco (Crazy, Crazy) (1973) 06. FORMACION 2000 – Noche Ciega (Blind Night) (1970) 07. LOS TIOS QUERIDOS – Extiendete Que Me Encontraras (Reach Out I’ll Be There) (1967)