Artificial faces (CD)



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First was “Neurotic Reactions”, then “Some Songs Stuck In My Mind” and now it’s “Artificial Faces”!! One of the most exciting and higher quality compilation labels is back with another eclectic comp featuring 16 underground dancefloor tracks from the late 60s / early 70s.

Groovy psychedelia, freakbeat, garage, hard funky-rock grooves…you can expect the usual dose of fuzz guitars, Hammond organs, drum breaks and psychedelic effects!! Including bands and artists from USA, South America, France, Spain…

Listen to the crazy electro-psych sounds from ERASMO CARLOS, Elevators influenced garage-psych by THE HOBBITS, female garage by SONIA and ENCHANTED FOREST, Spanish soul-freakbeat by NINO BRAVO, JOHN WONDERLING with the original pop-sike version of “Midway Down”, later popularised by The Creation, heavy phasing-psych by GIANT CRAB, brazilian fuzz-freakbeat by EDUARDO ARAUJO, hard psychedelic grooves by SKINS, THE BAG… and more!

Fully remastered sound, great artwork, booklet with detailed liner notes and pictures.

Tracklist: GIANT CRAB: E.S.P / ERASMO CARLOS: Agora ninguém chora mais / PACIFIC OCEAN: I can’t stand it / NINO BRAVO: Te amaré / ENCHANTED FOREST: The word is love / JOHN WONDERLING: Midway down / THE HOBBITS: Artificial face / CAMELEON: Le chemin de la descente / BRYAN DUNKETTLE : I don’t follow war no more / BERNARD JAMET: Raison légale / EDUARDO ARAUJO: Nem sim nem nao / SONIA: Aquí en mi nube / FABULOUS FARQUAHR: Nite people / THE BAG: Red, purple & blue / SKINS: Equiana / CAMILO SESTO: To be a man