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Gerardo Manuel left behind his deepest beat days with The Dolton’s and the Shain’s, plus his garage psych stage with St Thomas Pepper Smelter. At the beginning of the seventies he was joined by a new band formed by other illustrious Peruvian musicians, called El Humo because, according to Ernesto Samamé (We All Together) they met to play unpretentiously, to test the new sound equipment of the Virrey label.

The first of the albums was “Apocallipsis” (1970).

It was followed in 1971 by the conceptual “Machu Picchu 2000” in which he used all his imagination to tell us about the resurgence of the Inca empire after the third world war that broke out at half past five on December 31, 1999.

Songs of lysergic melodies, with Latin touches, give life to this album that looks for peace in the world. Unique and memorable albums, essential for any discography with the best of South American music from the sixties.

(Alex Magic Pop)