Manos Ocultas: A Contemporary Guitar Music Compila



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With the instrumental solo guitar as the chosen form for the infinite expressive possibilities it offers, Philatelia Records brings together twelveof the most important contemporary Spanish guitarists on this album. Within the genreless, meditative or evocative song, Isasa has becomethe most recognized Spanish artist. The Galician project Borealis, pioneer of the Spanish neo-folk scene, follows a similar drift of reverie and spirituality. Also included are singer-songwriters who show their instrumental inventiveness with unplaceable folkloric nuances, such as Joseba Irazoki and Fajardo, a ‘Majorero’ based in Gran Canaria. Negro is from Valencia, from the free improvisation scene, which points to a North African imaginary just like the cut signed by Paul Pèrrim, a Gran Canarian guy living in Tarragona. Regarding the style closest to the American Primitive Guitar (‘mestizo’ folk-blues of the Fahey school), three are involved: Oskar Benas, from Barakaldo, also an unclassifiable plastic artist, Xisco Rojo from Madrid and Diego Hdez, a heterodox guitarist based in Tenerife, practitioner of an indistinct and unapologetic variety of sounds. On the electric and more experimental side, tending towards abstraction and minimalism, we find the two women of the compilation: Narcoleptica, a multimedia artist from Seville, and Rosenmüller, from Gran Canaria but based in Madrid, as well as the Valladolid-born Lägrima, equally an explorer, but exploring with an acoustic guitar. Tony J. Ruiz (Buenos Aires, 2022).

01 ISASA – Canción para un recién nacido (Darío)
02 OSKAR BENAS – El Círculo
03 JOSEBA IRAZOKI – Hor Cheshire Hotel
04 PAUL PÈRRIM – Ingrufiment
05 XISCO ROJO – Threaten the machine, the sword will drop
07 NEGRO – Seres Efímeros
08 FAJARDO – Charcos en el risco
09 DIEGO HDEZ – Vuelta Carnera
10 LÄGRIMA – Ménilmontant
12 BOREALIS – Océanos sin costa.