6th Album (Please Wait A Little Longer)



Cat Nº: MVKL1106



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Combination of explosive rock and lyrical folk

An album made by Kim Chang-wan in place of his two younger brothers who were serving in the military, together with the project ‘Broken Spaceship’ composed of session musicians such as Park Dong-ryul (bass), Yu Ji-yeon (acoustic guitar, harmonica), and Kim Yeong-guk (drums). It is the same work as the beginning of Kim Chang-wan’s ‘Sanullim Alone’, and the energetic rock sound and lyrical folk coexist in harmony. Including “Red Balloon” with an attractive psychedelic fuzz tone guitar and “Please Wait A Little Longer” funky, as well as “Long Lost Memories Will Come To My Mind Vaguely Through The Window”, “Still Life with Sunflowers”, and “A Teacup”, Sanullim’s best works of the mid-year period. It contains beautiful songs that are faint, cozy, and beautiful.