5th Album (An Hourglass in Midday)



Cat Nº: MVKL1105



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An excellent masterpiece album that closes the early mountain sound

Along with the 3rd album, another excellent Sanullim album with the highest proportion of Kim Chang-hoon’s songs. Based on a more stable and elegant performance than ever before, it is a work that attempted various experiments never before. The guitar sound using rough fuzz tone and flanger effect, the strong rhythm and groove of the prominent bass line and dynamic drum, the keyboard expressing the rich string effect, and the stronger ‘Korean’ color are properly harmonized to each song. It conveys a kaleidoscopic, dramatic and refined fascination. Mysterious and dreamy classic song “Let’s Go To The Vineyard” with a strong scent of progressive rock, and the Sanullim’s sounding hard rock “A Portrait Of A Lady Shaman”, the first song written by Kim Chang-wan, “Why Are You Leaving Me?” It contains songs that deliver new inspiration the more you listen to it. (Original release date: September 20, 1979)