4th Album (Express Train)



Cat Nº: MVKL1104



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The most heterogeneous, but still a Sanullim

Sanullim’s 4th album consists of background music and insert songs for TV and radio dramas and plays, including Korean Film director Im Kwon-taek’s movie “Tomorrow And Tomorrow Again”. It is a noteworthy collection of works that has not faded with the unique scent of Sanullim, and contains several songs that still shine with charming emotions and whimsical or vague sensibilities. “Express Train (Inside)”, a mountain sound-style hard rock with dynamic rhythm, fuzz guitar, and Kim Chang-hoon’s wild shouting, Kim Chang-wan’s soft vocal and brilliant keyboard sound, “Can’t Tell Anyone”, Love It includes the elegant performance songs “Glass Doll” and “The Windy Hill By The River”, and the beautiful song “Afterglow” that achieves the climax of romance and lyricism. (Original release date: April 15, 1979)