• COMBO ALEX MELERO - Latin Persuasive Funk - GUTIFUNK (LP) | Guerssen

    Second reference of Gutifunk Achilisound Discos is a time bomb built in the old way. Conceptually conceived as a sound library LP, Combo Alex Melero has had the fortune of bringing together jazz geniuses such as Jorge Pardo or Chip Wickham and essential rumba figures such as Manuel Malou (Los...

    COMBO ALEX MELERO - Latin Persuasive (...) - LP

    VAT included
  • Cristian - Supernova (Colored 2LP) - GUTIFUNK (2LP) | Guerssen

    CRISTIAN de MORET: FUTURE FLAMENCO FUNK But... who the hell is Cristian de Moret? Passion, groove, rehearsal, feeling, funk, loop, desire, error, lysergy, digitalism, Andalusia, stroboscopy, heat, frying, heel, atmosphere. The words will not order themselves. Neither does the music. Once the 20th...

    DE MORET, Cristian - Supernova (Colored (...) - 2LP

    VAT included
  • Lalo - Lalo Malo - GUTIFUNK (LP) | Guerssen

    From funk to protest. If until now we've met a good Lalo López, transmitting happiness with his dance music, it's now time to make way for his reverse. "Lalo Malo" is presented as a rough, primitive, pessimistic and realistic album, departing from disco music and proposing a mix of rocking riffs...

    LOPEZ, Lalo - Lalo Malo - LP

    VAT included

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