DE MORET, Cristian

Supernova (Colored 2LP)



Cat Nº: GTFK005LP




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But… who the hell is Cristian de Moret? Passion, groove, rehearsal, feeling, funk, loop, desire, error, lysergy, digitalism, Andalusia, stroboscopy, heat, frying, heel, atmosphere. The words will not order themselves. Neither does the music. Once the 20th century was over, we all waited for this moment. The moment in which shoots of new species different from everything emerged from the roots of flamenco. A new tradition. New textures, flavors and colors.


New ways of understanding creativity. Without equating it to contemporary phenomena because we would create a conjectural and aesthetic problem. Without the conceptual imbalance of picaresque art, also very contemporary and Spanish. Breaking the bottle of essences so that flamenco imbues the technology and skill of a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist. The new paradigm. A single human is already capable of recreating the entire scene and that triggers risk and creativity. Just listen to this album. Supernova is a step towards the future of flamenco.


Our commitment to pressing it on vinyl is just the desire to preserve this legacy for future generations. A new cornerstone for a new flamenco world where orthodoxy and heterodoxy take new paths linked by synthetic currents of digital fluids. The answer to the initial question. Cristian is a discovery, he does not cause indifference. This is the first step for him when he is already on the second. The future is in his hands, keeps twisting it please.