• FATHER BREATH - Almanak - B-OTHERSIDE (LP) | Guerssen

    Limited to 200 copies. B-otherSide records proudly presents the Father Breath's LP "Almanak" at 200 hand numbered copies. Father Breath founding members are Aristomenis Theodoropoulos and Valisia Odell. Later Vassilis Ntzounis and Nikos Baskozos were added to the group. The album consist from...

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    FATHER BREATH - Almanak - LP

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  • Periklis - Beneath The Fairytales - B-OTHERSIDE (LP) | Guerssen

    Periklis Harvas, a very important songwriter that honoured the Greek music stage with his presence for more than twenty years, released 3 full albums in his entire career and collaborate with more or less well-known artists of the period (Notis Mavroudis, Nikos Houliaras, Arleta, Giorgos Zografos,...

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    HARVAS, Periklis - Beneath The (...) - LP

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  • Mimis - Vertigo/ Egoism / The Story of a Life-O.S.T. color - B-OTHERSIDE (LP) | Guerssen

    WHITE VINYL EDITION B-otherSide records proudly presents the collaboration with the legendary Greek composer Mimis Plessas, releasing 2 albums with original score from movies of the era 1963-65, first time ever pressed on vinyl. The recordings at the second album are coming from the movies...

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    PLESSAS, Mimis - Vertigo/ Egoism / (...) - LP

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  • Mimis - Plays Philicorda - B-OTHERSIDE (LP) | Guerssen

    REPRESS. At the album "Mimis Plessas plays Philicorda" from 1965, the composer Mimis Plessas experimented with Philicorda, a Philips electric instrument attempting a launch in mid-60's alongside the Hammond organ. The potential of this instrument was pioneering and quite 'revolutionary' for that...

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    PLESSAS, Mimis - Plays Philicorda - LP

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  • The - Looking In The Universe (Black) - B-OTHERSIDE (LP) | Guerssen

    Greek '60s garage band The Rabbits released one single during its active career. Now, some 50 years later, here's a full-length album with 15 previously unreleased tracks from the archives. The record comes with a 6-page insert offering lyrics, photos and the band's biography in Greek and English....

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    RABBITS, The - Looking In The (...) - LP

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  • The - Looking In The Universe (Box Set Ltd. 30 copies) - B-OTHERSIDE (LP) | Guerssen

    The Rabbits (of Rhodes) are pioneers of the garage rock sound in Greece, by their first recordings , back to 1965, which were released at 1966. Fifty years after their first record, B-otherSide Records/ Lost Archives sublabel, proudly presents 450 hand numbered vinyl copies , (250 in black color...

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    RABBITS, The - Looking In The (...) - LP

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  • RIDDLES - I Tell You A Story of My Life (Black) - B-OTHERSIDE (LP) | Guerssen

    B-otherSide records proudly presents the previous unreleased album of the greek garage band of the '60's "Riddles", recorded at two different sessions on 1966. Riddles were a famous Piraeus band, well known for their ability to cover the Beatles' repertoire as long as the garage rock sounds of the...

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    RIDDLES - I Tell You A Story (...) - LP

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