HARVAS, Periklis

Beneath The Fairytales



Cat Nº: BSR147



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Periklis Harvas, a very important songwriter that honoured the Greek music stage with his presence for more than twenty years, released 3 full albums in his entire career and collaborate with more or less well-known artists of the period (Notis Mavroudis, Nikos Houliaras, Arleta, Giorgos Zografos, Linos Kokotos, Thanos Mikroutsikos among others) at the live stages. In 1971, Harvas recorded his first Pan-Vox LP. It was titled “Kato apo ta Paramythia” (Beneath the Fairytales) and featured eight original songs and four covers: Byrds’ “Just a season” and “Chestnut mare” , James Taylor’s “Country road”, as well as “Bye bye love,” a song that was given prominence by Everly Brothers, also performed by Simon and Garfunkel in “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and the songs were titled “Oi imeres mou” (My Days), “I orea forada” (The Beautiful Mare), “Se afto ton dromo” (In This Road) and “Geia sou agapi” (Bye Bye Love). The song “Eine mia mikri poli” (There is a Small Town) is one of the boldest songs of Greek rock of the time, with beautiful lyrics, music and instrumentation, among which the guitar skills of Alekos Glikas (from Charms, Beatniks, Stormies, Saxons, Babylon etc) shine bright, as also the somewhat brooding “Otan megalosis” (When you Grow up), in which the harpsichord sounds stand out, as well as the “Eiha mian agapi” (I Had a Love) ballad, which has an enjoyable chorus, characterised by Harvas’ melancholic performance and “Evanthia”. The musicians involved in the record are Alekos Glikas (guitars, harpsichord), Kostas Dovas from M.G.C. (bass, violin, piano), Toulis Magafas (acoustic and 12-chord guitar), Stefanos Stoforos (acoustic guitar); three drummers also took part in the recording: Spyros Kasfikis, Nikos Tsilogiannis (from Idols, Bourboulia) and Kostas Skokos (from Forminx).


Unfortunately the album was not a success, resulting in the album being difficult to locate in the initial edition nowadays and B-otherSide Records proudly rerelease the album at 400 hand numbered audiophile 180 gr. copies under license from Melody Maker. The release includes a 6-page insert with Periklis Harvas unreleased photos from his familys’ archive, biography by Fontas Trousas, translated in English and credits. The first 200 copies are colored red vinyl and include an extra poster 40 X 60 cm, with unreleased promo stuff of Periklis Harvas from the recording era and the rest 200 copies are in classic black vinyl. The audio master was made by Yiannis Kyris and the sleeve adaption and innersleeve design were made by Thanasis Xanthakos (Plan 59).