I Tell You A Story of My Life (Black)



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B-otherSide records proudly presents the previous unreleased album of the greek garage band of the ’60’s “Riddles”, recorded at two different sessions on 1966. Riddles were a famous Piraeus band, well known for their ability to cover the Beatles’ repertoire as long as the garage rock sounds of the 60’s era. After a magnificent live performance at the 1966 Battle of the Bands contest, they won the first prize and the contract to record their own first songs. In June 1966 they entered the Echo Studio and under George Fren’s sound engineering, they record 4 songs from which two of them were released in a 45 rpm single. This two songs along with the other 2 recorded songs plus a rehearsal at Studio Echo with 5 more tracks, in total 9 tracks, are now released in 300 hand numbered vinyls, from which the first 150 in red color and the rest 150 in classic black color vinyl. The release contains a 6 page insert with band’s biography, credits, english translation and unreleased band’s photos. The audio mastering was made from Yiannis Kyris and the sleeve and innersleeve design by Thanassis Xanthakos (Plan 59), under the advices of Riddles’ founder member Yiannis Renieris and Victoria Renieri.