Reflections From An Unseen World



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Reflections from an unseen world is the 4th album by Blue Dawn, Genoa’s finest Occult band and their best to date. The album is the first to feature guitar & keyboards player Davide Bruzzi (Il Segno del Comando), who played on tributes to Blue Oyster Cult and Death SS, but this is the first full length album in which he plays, since he joined the band in 2017, shortly after the release of their previous record. His work distinguishes the sound of the album, witch ranges from Heavy Doom to more progressive tracks, embellished by Bruzzi s keyboard touches and flamboyant yet emotional solos, on songs built on powerful and dark riffs created by Andrea Martino(guitar) and Enrico Lanciaprima(bass/vocals), punctuated by the solid drumming of Andrea Di Martino and valued by the gothic voice of singer Monica Santo.