• "Clamor Luciferi" means the scream of Lucifer, a hostile scream but it also means noise and uproar! 1782 with this latest work have taken out the most powerful and evil songs they have ever made. The album opens with an organ piece that conveys anxiety, suffering and melancholy. From the second...

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    1782 - Clamor Luciferi - LP

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  • ARPIA - De Lusioni (2LP) - BOOMLAND (2LP) | Guerssen

    Formed in Rome in 1984, this is a newly mastered release of ARPIA's first demo tape from 1987. "De Lusioni" is comprised of 7 songs -clocking at 71 minutes- which the band has described at an "experimental demo but of rich forms and ideas later developed in a more organic way." The massive reverb...

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    ARPIA - De Lusioni (2LP) - 2LP

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  • The Atomic Bitchwax - Live At Freak Valley Fest is the brand new album of the US rockerz The Atomic Bitchwax. Recorded live at the mighty festival FREAK VALLEY in Germany in June 2022. A psychedelic heavy rock'n'roll and stoner trip - a must have !!

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    ATOMIC BITCHWAX - Live At Freak (...) - LP

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  • Brant - Saved By Magic Again - HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (LP) | Guerssen

    REMASTERED REISSUE of Brant Bjork's legendary album in brand new colored vinyl and artwork. "I had just got off the road and went right into the studio out in the desert at Rancho de La Luna. I was living in the house just behind at the time making sessions super convenient. I was set to record...

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    BJORK, Brant - Saved By Magic (...) - LP

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  • Reflections from an unseen world is the 4th album by Blue Dawn, Genoa's finest Occult band and their best to date. The album is the first to feature guitar & keyboards player Davide Bruzzi (Il Segno del Comando), who played on tributes to Blue Oyster Cult and Death SS, but this is the first full...

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    BLUE DAWN - Reflections From An (...) - LP

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  • Dope Smoker is a three-piece Stoner-Doom band from South West Wales, UK, where "everyone smokes drugs and surfs". If you like slow, powerful and heavy riffs the Dope Smoker will not disappoint you! Transparent Green Vinyl.

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    DOPE SMOKER - Devil’s (...) - LP

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  • HAZEMAZE - Blinded By The Wicked - HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (LP) | Guerssen

    In the year of the pandemic, we decided to finally put our efforts towards writing a new record. As the year progressed and the world got darker, so did our songwriting. For this record, we wanted to continue to follow the same dark thematic approach as our previous release, but even more sinister...

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    HAZEMAZE - Blinded By The (...) - LP

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  • KARMA TO BURN - Almost Heathen - HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS (LP) | Guerssen

    Almost Heathen is Karma To Burn third album, released in 2001 via Spitfire Records. Heavy Psych Sounds is giving new life to this stoner rock gem with 6 live bonus tracks! "Groove laden, instrumental stoner(ish) rock. Not stoner metal, that is--the vibe is more of the "take a shot of whiskey and...

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    KARMA TO BURN - Almost Heathen - LP

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  • Our first release on New Records (a new Guerssen imprint dedicated to current bands) is a vinyl version with new artwork of the overlooked CD only album released in 2011 by Japanese band Khola Cosmica. Hailing from Tokyo, Khola Cosmica are not your average "stoner-rock" band. This brutal power...

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    KHOLA COSMICA - Khola Cosmica - LP

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  • 6th of May, 2011. That was the day "Macho Libre", Planet of Zeus' sophomore album was released by B-otherside records! The album that attracted enthusiastic reviews from both press and fans worldwide, the album that brought the band to the next level.

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    PLANET OF ZEUS - Macho Libre (...) - LP

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