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“Everything began in 1977 when the poet, Antônio de Pádua Carvalho invited me to create melody for his poetries. At that time I was lead guitarist of the band ” The Gentlemen “(a garage northwest group that included Zé Ramalho (who released the wonderful DLP together with Lula Cortez) in one of his line-ups and recorded a rare LP and one 45)..

For this unique project we invited Zé Ramalho, the musician and composer Elísio Alexandrino (Golinha), to control the 4 channels tape recorders the musician Enilton Araújo, the 12 strings viola arrangements where done by Irapuan (Pupu), drummer Edmilson (Crauna), percussionby special guest Zé Crisólogo and Hugo Filho (Hugo Leão) nylon guitar,bass, keyboards and art direction”.

This LP is really special, Brazil charm and poetic words. Even in Brazil an incredible rare album, only 500 pressed given to friends and sold in shops, the first private pressing in this country. If Sacros, Lula Cortez, Mutantes and El Congreso is something you like, you will love this one. Lot’s of folk elements which devolves in twisted endings.

Something you want to play to your new girl on a crazy summer night. And for your guys in NY with Brazilian roots (Arto Lindsay) this is something you should play on your next party. A great album this is.