Docena 3



Cat Nº: DM012




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1968 Peruvian garage psych classic.
Official reissue.

The following year, 1968, “Docena 3” would see the light of day, highlighting the LSD world on the cover, in which they added more accentuated lysergic moments, the use of the Indian zither, plus Jorge Pomar on rhythm, and other technical novelties such as reverse tape effects, including anti-war and love messages. The album brings together some captivating songs of their own, plus surprising covers with surrounding sound arrangements.

Shortly thereafter, the band would break up, but not before leaving us with another album to fulfill their contract, entitled “Instrumental’s” (1968). The members would go on to separate careers with Pico’s Los Nuevos Shain’s, and Gerardo Manuel’s The (St. Thomas) Pepper Smelter. They would reunite again in 2007, but it was not until this year 2021 that, thanks to Discos Monterey, these two late sixties Peruvian rock summits are once again available with excellent sound and respecting the original artwork.
(Alex Magic Pop)