Cosmographia vol. 1 (International Cassette Cultur



Cat Nº: E-M02



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Edition of 400. Die-cut 400-gr cardboard jacket. All the elements on the cover have been hand stamped. Includes download code.
This is volume one of “Cosmographia (International Cassette Culture)” and the second release on the Ex Machina imprint, a selection of tracks originally released on cassette in the late 80s plus some never published ones by three European acts: Idee du Femelle (Barcelona, Spain), Genetic Factor (Amsterdam, Holland) and Collectionism (Frankfurt, Germany).

Their common link is the “non-musician” concept as originally stated by Brian Eno, also to be found in Kraftwerk, Can, Cluster and some modern classical composers like Ligeti or Cage. All three were deeply involved in the live scene and the self-distribution ethics of their time. All of them innovated in aesthetics as well as music itself and that showed in their live performances, working with artists from other fields to create a sound-and-vision experience recaptured here on vinyl.