Coming Home / Too Many Lies



Cat Nº: DOM31-L




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Edition of 400 numbered copies. Hand stamped sleeve. Includes insert with photos, artwork and liner notes.
This time we have been doing some research work in the arcane archival sites in the Bourgogne (Eastern France), namely in beautiful Dijon, and we managed to rescue the forgotten demos by band Hymn, active 1981-1984, with multi-talented musician and post-punk pioneer Lucas Trouble (+2016) in the lineup.

All the tracks were originally self-released as demo tapes in a very limited run. Their first work, Coming Home, was published in 1983, and the second one, Too Many Lies, in 1984. Both of them were distributed by the band themselves. Shortly after, they released a more widely known 12″ EP, Tired (Nova Express, 1984), with a different line-up and noticeably more rock-oriented.

Definers of a totally genuine sound, Hymn were coevals to the underground-synth-post-punk movement that surfaced in France in the early Eighties, easily recognisable today via cult labels such as Bain Total and Invisible/Scopa Records, with stunning releases by experimental references like Ilitch, Philippe Doray or Incontinents.

Liner Notes by Bap Bandiera:
” So… “Hymn” jumped out of my brain when I was about 20… I needed to sing songs to forget my family problems… At that point there were only two of us: Stefan Dalloz and me… our sessions were simple and we easily found a way of communicating through our music… smoking and drinking + heroin, speed , mushrooms and LSD… fighting Society and thinking of Revolutions! But Stef was a kind of Syd Barrett-cum-Syd Vicious type. He was on a permanent trip and decided to quit… then I asked Tony Bulfoni, with whom I shared a lot of quick pieces always in relation with our life and love experiences. We were such a romantic duo… Lucas Trouble joined us after a few months and his synth psalmodies became part of “Hymn”, but he was not on our trip because he was more interested in business… “Hymn” was our screaming Way Out to blow away our sadness and No Future attitude… our influences were Joy Division, PiL, The Residents, Bauhaus, Siouxsie, Television, Talking Heads, Magazine, Killing Joke, Wire, XTC… and a lot of bands from our cold generation… “