Bloody Turkey Sandwiches



Cat Nº: SOMM023




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“Bloody Turkey Sandwiches” is another ultra-rarity by British psychedelic folk band Pig Rider: only six copies were originally privately pressed by custom label Deroy in 1974. The music here is much in the same vein as their famous “Heterophonies” album but even more crazed. Some of the tracks bring to mind the more experimental side of Olivia Tremor Control / Black Swan Network or even They Might Be giants …but only 20 years before those bands existed!

Electric acid folk with stoned homemade atmosphere, lo-fi sound, bizarre & funny lyrics, effects, backward bits, surreal humour, psychedelic skiffle and old-timey music hall parodies, brilliant folk-rock-pop and titles like “Interdrive Overstella”, “Be Glad For The Song Has An Ending”, “Pus In Our Time” and “Have you seen your neighbour in the bath”.

Recommended if you like: Incredible String Band, Bonzo Dog Band, Syd Barrett, R. Stevie Moore…

Insert with photos and lyrics

Master tape sound

Limited to 300 copies


Concert On The Coast – Shine On – Waltz Of The Homicidal Cabbage – Lonely Loss Adjuster Blues – Which Way To The Exit? – Wombat – South Coast Express – Pus In Our Time – World’s Greatest Lover – Blue Hair And Carrots – Ode To An Aardvark – Have You Seen Your Neighbour In The Bath? – Paeolithic Transport Blues – Be Glad For The Song Has An Ending – Pittsburgh Woman Blues – Interdrive Overstella – Big Joe