• The - Lost Innocence/My Dream - MUNSTER (7") | Guerssen

    One single was all it took for the Buddhas to attain garage-psych nirvana. Greg Shaw exhumed 'Lost Innocence' for inclusion on Volume 2 of Pebbles, disclosing its immense wonders to a new generation of sixties rock & roll enthusiasts. On the flipside, the eerie, languorous 'My Dream' boasts a...

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    BUDDHAS, The - Lost Innocence/My (...) - 7"

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  • Los - Noche de Brujas / Perdedor / Soy Un Animal (7") - GROOVIE RECORDS (7") | Guerssen

    From Costa Rica, Los Cuchillos, a garage punk band that have their path already well defined in the garage punk scene. This is their first ep on Groovie Records, not the last for shure. This tracks are super killers and really shows what the band came for...

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    CUCHILLOS, Los - Noche de Brujas / (...) - 7"

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  • Our attempt to achieve the sound of the Sonics first album with extra raw drums recorded live In Long Beach Ca. Shawn Medina (bass player) did all the guitar playing aside from Wic Coleman (close friend and honorary member) the solo for "Velvet" on a big box 100watt JMP Marshall and 1968 Burns...

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    LORDS OF ALTAMONT - Lords Have Mercy - LP

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  • Tony - Riding The Secret Subway (7") - PYRRHIC VICTORY RECORDINGS (7") | Guerssen

    Tony Matura was one of the leaders of the mighty THE OPTIC NERVE band in NYC by the end of the 80s. Here re-visits his roots and re-recorded 6 songs he wrote in 1979/1980 for his first band, Secret Subway. It's a 7", 33RPM EP. Clear red vinyl and limited to 100 copies only!!!"The songs on this EP...

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    MATURA, Tony - Riding The Secret (...) - 7"

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  • "On!" is the lost, previously unreleased album by legendary NY garage-pop, folk-rockers OPTIC NERVE. Produced by Dave Amels and recorded in 2005 but possessing the same magical, timeless sound & spirit of their classic '80s recordings, full of jangly guitars and innocent vocal harmonies. Here,...

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    OPTIC NERVE - On! - LP

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  • OPTIC NERVE - On! (test pressing) - LP

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  • The - The Savage Beat Of The Ratkellers - MARLOWE (7") | Guerssen

    Having returned from Hamburg in 1962, The Ratkellers locked themselves in an old World War II bunker to rehearse hard - they just came to open air last week in 2014 as a raw rock'n'roll / beat / r&b combo that arises from the ashes of Stu Sutcliffe's grave to deliver their big sound from the small...

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    RATKELLERS, The - The Savage Beat Of (...) - 7"

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