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Rockin’ Horse was formed by Jimmy Campbell (The Kirkbys / 23rd Turnoff) – perhaps the most talented “unknown” musician to come out of the early 60s Liverpool scene- and Billy Kinsley (The Merseybeats / The Merseys). The band recorded Yes It Is (Philips, 1971), a fantastic debut album that should have raced to the top of the charts. The album has gone on to gain cult status amongst power pop fans around the world, fetching astonishingly high prices (even the 2012 reissue!). Having been schooled in the very same musical influences as the Fab Four, the end result is close to the sound the Beatles were creating at the end of their career. Probably… the product of having grown up as contemporaries of The Beatles in Liverpool and listening to the same records and playing the same circuits.
Now you can own one of the greatest power pop recordings of all time on vinyl again!.