Women and Children First



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Heavy-rock / bluesy sound with West Coast overtones and some devastating fuzz-wah guitar.

Originally named Strawberry Dust , Ancient Grease was a hard psychedelic band from Wales, connected to Eyes Of Blue and Racing Cars. They were supported by John Weathers (Eyes Of Blue) who also acted as producer and songwriter for their sole album, recorded in London. When eventually released in 1970, “Women and Children First” was credited to Ancient Grease instead of Strawberry Dust (one of those “great” ideas by major labels). The album was first issued in the US and later in the UK, both on the Mercury label but with different sleeves (being the UK one the most desirable and collectable).

*Remastered sound
*Original UK artwork
*Color insert with liner notes & photos

RIYL: Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Cactus, Captain Beefheart, Red Dirt…


“An interesting proto-grunge album that wouldn’t have been out of place in early 90s Seattle” – Giles Hamilton (Galactic Ramble)

“The first thing that hits you in the very first seconds of the opener ‘Freedom Train’ is a booming, stomping fuzz guitar riff. Washed in wah-wah pedals, thinned in chorus or crunched with saturated tones, the guitar of Graham Williams is the main protagonist of the record.” – Andrea Gelardini (It’s Psychedelic Baby)

Side A: A1. Freedom Train – A2. Don’t Want – A3. Odd Song – A4. Eagle Song – A5. Where The Snow Lies Forever
Side B: B1. Mother Grease The Cat – B2. Time to Die – B3. Prelude To A Blind Man – B4. Mystic Mountain – B5. Women And Children First