We’re The Tiger Bunch / plus 1 Bonustrack



For the first time reissued on vinyl this is the 2nd album of Frankfurts heaviest from the 1970s. In 1972 heavy blues rock trio Second Life (album on Metronome in 1971) changed to Tiger B. Smith. While the 1st album “Tiger Rock” was quite an ordinary rock ‘n’ roll album, “We’re The Tiger Bunch” ( 1973 / 1974 ) apparently attempted to create a fuller, more progressive sound with several guest musicians, namely guitar player Rainer Marz, Veit Marvos (organ, piano) and Hanus Berka (sax and flute) from Emergency and Curt Cress (Orange Peel) on drums. This album is for all friends of a heavier guitar sound. Remastered from the original master tape contains an insert with band story and rare photos.