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Following the success of his thematic “O-Rama” compilations, the indefatigable El Vidocq turns his attention to “Super Sounds”. This brand-new series focuses on the very essence of music, on its structure and workings and various vital elements… And what could be more natural than to start the series off with voices and singing?
This selection explores the rich period stretching from 1955 to 1963, sampling rhythm n’ blues, doo-wop and rockabilly. The compilation pulls out all the stops from the get-go, with the wild vocals of Esquerita, the singer-pianist and Little Richard’s avowed model who gives his voice full-throttle, to reach the same airy heights as his improbable pompadour.

Next up: the eminently manly voices – deep and gravelly – of Jimmy Ricks and Sheldon Allman, contrasting sharply with the rather more androgynous vocals of Donnie Elbert. The grittily sung songs of Tic & Toc are gnarly rock n’ rolling torrents, while Big Brown undoubtedly boasts the most piercing voice of the lot.
There are also songs that lend a new twist, take an expected turn, with Marvin Rainwater one of those singers verging on the comic. And when the larynx alone couldn’t quite cut it, synthetics were on hand even then, as melodiously illustrated by The Nutty Squirrels.

Finally, the fairer sex is hardly neglected, with Hannah Dean, Brenda Lee and the sublime Pearl Woods pushing her voice beyond the limits of decibelic reason.