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Released in 1980 as a private edition of 300 copies, “Time and Money” finds outlaw rock hero Ray “McKay” Pierle abandoning the rural rock sounds of his famous “Into You” album for a more hard-rock approach.

Twin guitar attacks charged with fuzz-wah and catchy songs full of memorable hooks and melodic vocals.

Recorded mostly at Ray Pierle’s home-made studio and mixed by Moe Whittemore at the legendary 700 West studios in Indiana, resulting in a warm, fabulous analog sound.

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“Among the three records with Ray Pierle involvement, “Time & Money” is the heaviest guitar LP” – Stan Denski (Acid Archives)


Roll Me Up – Workingmans Blue – Start Over – Pass It On – Till The End Of The Night – Through The Snow – Sit Yourself Right Down – Time and Money – C’mon Stranger Dance – Wish I’d always Feel This Way – Just Thinkin – Blue Skies Are In My Eyes – Mad man Money – Livin’ Them Lies