The Collapse Of Ancient Funk (Vol. 1)



Cat Nº: DOM17-L




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Edition of 350 numbered copies, comes with printed DIN A4 sheet stamp-numbered and download code with exclusive bonus track: “Carnal Knowledge (Jack Plug’s Sex Dub)” New Mix by Chris Bishop, 2013.

The Collapse of Ancient Funk (Vol.1) is a record which gathers all the vocal songs included in the cassette-album ‘The Collapse Of Ancient Funk (1984-85 A.D.)’, originally edited by Final Image (UK) in 1985.

A brief history of Son Of Sam by Chris Bishop:
” Sometime during 1984, during a period of Orwellian mass unemployment, I moved into a house in Leeds that had a basement filled with the collective equipment of The Cassandra Complex, O Yuki Conjugate and Mr Tom Fazzini. My pathetic contribution was the first Korg drum machine which nobody used and was eventually bought by Jez from Utah Saints. I don’t suppose he used it either. It sounded awful.
Music at this time was largely devoted to guitar-oriented production, but the unwitting advantage these people had was our mistrust of the fretboard. Then Electro happened, we got an 808, and Son of Sam was born when I needed a nasty name to scribble on a cassette. As time went on, Razors and Mr Cheese fleshed my meanderings out into a “real band”, we played a few dates around Europe, brought out some vinyl on Rouska and then logically destroyed ourselves when Techno arrived.