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This is an official reissue of Message` fourth album from 1976, remastered from original master tape out of the vaults of Warner Music Germany. A little bit less hard-rock, more prog and a bit more jazz rock but also song-oriented Message` fourth album “Synapse is fantastic and in competition for their best album beside their eponymous album from 1975.
On “Synapse” Message play a combination of compelling rhythms, first class compositions and strong playing. Murdochs continues his quirky experiments with vibrato-tremolo-heavy-guitar-sound. Sometimes it reminds of a less quirky, more linear-version of Kraan and a bit more progressive as the eponymous album from 1975. Very great stuff, slightly underrated by Krautrock-Fans but highly recommended. Cool cover artwork as well, remastered from mastertape. Brilliant sounding! You will love it!