Strepitus Rhythmicus



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The legend continues. After recording an album of the amazing new project ASA together with Uwe Schmidt/ATOM TM (Raster 2023), the pioneer cult band Esplendor Geométrico offers us their new album, Strepitus Rhythmicus, of machine-like and futuristic post-industrial music. Electric pulse of mechanical rhythms, hidden voices, and factory noises. E.G. reinvent themselves again and again without losing their unique essence. Based now in Islamabad and Rome, Arturo Lanz & Saverio Evangelista have not stopped their live performances all over the world in the last years with great success.
TRACKLIST LP SIDE A A1. Compensación 4.37 A2. Concesión 4.00 A3. Nueva Industria 4.15 A4. Metro Sur 4.31 A5. Revolución 3.59 SIDE B B1. Regreso 4.23 B2. Entelequia 5.46 B3. Cuántico 4.15 B4. Gravitar Alrededor 4.04