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Formed in 1966 around lead singer Richard Shirman, The Attack were the ultimate freakbeat/psychedelic band.

We present a new, definitive edition of their famous “Final Daze” recordings, focusing on on 1967-1968 stuff with John Cann as main songwriter (plus a never-before-on-vinyl track from ’69, taken from a rare acetate), unlike previous editions that included early and post-Attack unrelated recordings.

The result is a killer UK PSYCH sounding album featuring the impressive guitar of John Cann (Andromeda, Atomic Rooster…) and it’s the closer we can get to what the long rumoured to exist Attack’s “Roman God Of War” unreleased LP could have sounded like. Including the classic mod-psych anthem “Magic In The Air” (dropped by their record label Decca for “being too heavy”), their unreleased monster hard-psych 45 ‘Feel Like Flying’ / ‘Freedom For You’, the killer title track, the pre-Andromeda demos of “Too Old” and “Go Your Way” and more!

*Insert with liner notes by Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills (Shindig!) and rare photos

“Inhabiting a region of the sonic solar system somewhere between the Creation and the Small Faces, the Attack languished in comparative obscurity back in their day, only to be recognized decades later as one of the most exciting bands of the era.” – Mike Stax (Ugly Things)

Side 1: 1. Magic In The Air – 2. Mr. Pinnodmy’s Dilemma – 3. Freedom For You – 4. Strange House – 5. Feel Like Flying – 6. Go Your Way
Side 2: 1. Roll On – 2. Too Old – 3. Sleep Like A Child – 4. Now The Sun Shines – 5. Anything – 6. Go Your Way (Demo)