Spanglish Movement



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First ever legit vinyl reissue of this obscure Cosmic Disco / Balearic / Afro gem from Mexico, originally released as a private pressing in 1978 and featuring famous drummer Jesús Muñoz “Tilico”, a giant musician who appeared on countless recordings and accompanied famous figures like Paul Mauriat and Carl Tjader among many others.

Four superb long tracks including the Cosmic underground club classic “Ritual Song”.

Hot Pepper was a studio project created by Mexican drummer / producer /arranger Jesús Muñoz “Tilico” who in the late 70s decided to record an album in a disco-funk vein, helped by some of his friends who were top session musicians.
“Spanglish Movement” was the result, written and produced by “Tilico”, released in 1978 as a tiny private edition housed in a fabulous Afro cover. Being “Tilico” an enormous drummer, you can expect here lots of heavy drums, congas and percussion, surrounded by crazy space synths, male-female vocals, Latin horns, Afro touches and occasional fuzz guitar.

*Insert with liner notes and rare photos.

File under: Disco, Funk, Balearic, Cosmic Disco, Space Disco, Latin…

Tracklist: A1. Deja Que El Mundo Sea Feliz Otra Vez (Let The World Be Happy Again) – A2. Camino Equivocado (Wrong Way) – B1. No Me Presiones (Don’t Push Me) – B2. Canción Ritual (Ritual Song)