MANÇO, Baris

Sakla samani gelir zamani (Picture Disc)



Cat Nº: GUESS182



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In 1976, Baris released his third album which was actually also a compilation of songs previously released in 45s, as happened with his debut. For this LP release, and basically because of contractual reasons, we are presenting you this compilation with a few changes: two of the original songs are not there, and we added four new ones. So, what we get here is a scorchin’ collection of funky psychedelics Turkish way in a cool picture disc that will knock you out.


Big Baris beats them all, the King of Anadolu Pop!!!


Tracklist: Hal Hal – Gönül Dagi – Nazar Eyle – Hey Koca Topçu Genç Osman – Vur Ha Vur – Ben Bilirim – Ölüm Allahin Emri – Kalk Gidelim Küheylan – Lambaya Püf De! – Iste Hendek Iste Deve – Çay Elinden Öteye (Rezil Dede) – Egri Bügrü