Rowdy, Dowdy Day



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Originally released as a private cassette only release in 1974, this is the debut album of progressive folk-rock band SPRIGUNS.

Homemade, charming folk-rock with the lovely voice of MANDY MORTON, 12-string guitars, dulcimer, mandolin, fiddle… Fabulous covers of “Let No Man Steal Your Thyme”, “Matty Groves” and more!

Formed in the early 70s, Spriguns of Tolgus evolved from the folk duo of Mandy & Mike Morton and the scene centered around their Anchor Folk Club in Cambridge. In 1974, the band (Mike and Mandy plus Rick Thomas and Chris Russon) decided to produce a recording to raise funds for new equipment. Using a small tape recorder and mixing desk, “Rowdy Dowdy Day” was recorded live in the dining room at the band’s rented house. A small number of cassettes were produced and subsequently sold at the Anchor Folk Club.

With the original cassette impossible to find now, we’re glad to present a new vinyl edition.

“We grew up in the ’60s to the sound of The Beatles; we embraced flower power and all it brought with it; and we indulged ourselves in every type of music on offer. From America came The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, and here in the UK we celebrated our own heroes, Pentangle, Fairport Convention, The Incredible String Band and later Steeleye Span” – Mandy Morton

*First ever vinyl release with original artwork
*Remastered from the original master tapes
*Insert with liner notes by Mandy Morton and photos

“The rarest and most obscure Spriguns album”
– Richard Falk (Galactic Ramble)

Side 1: 1. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme – 2. The Jolly Tinker – 3. The Laily Worm & The Mackerel – 4. Spanish Ladies – 5. Matty Groves – 6. The Trees They Do Grow High

Side 2: 1. Three Drunken Maidens – 2. Scotia Reel – 3. Keys Of Canterbury – 4. Sir Brian Botany – 5. Trooper’s Nag – 6. Cuckoo’s Nest