Ritmo Matizon / Pa Gozar (7″)



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Discodelic introduces its fifth launch in its series of exclusive limited editions, the second piece of the trilogy of Afro Latin Nicaraguan music.

From Managua, we present you the mythical BWANA, the afro tropical rock ensemble pioneer in its style in Central America, with the themes of his second LP: “Ritmo Matizon” and “Pa Gozar”, an incredible continuation of their first LP known worldwide, which includes his international successes such as “La Jurumba” and “La Patada”. Interestingly, its second LP was less promoted and is a piece very much desired by latin music collectors, and only intrepid diggers have been able to find an original copy traveling in Nicaragua.

BWANA was born in 1970 from the need to unite the bata drums, the African tradition of Palo Mayombe, the more acid and modernist rock of tropical music. The ensemble was led by Roberto Martines (Maguila), a versatile, visionary and creative multi-instrumentalist, who since he was a child has been engaged in spiritual sessions with his family. To complete the idea of BWANA, the perfect connection was Salvador Fernandez (Chava), conga player and great expert of Afro rhythms. The group had massively success in Nicaragua, Colombia, Mexico and Panama, but inexplicably disintegrated in the midway 70s and its members disappeared from the musical map.

In 2019 we met Roberto Martinez (Maguila) in Los Angeles, where today he is the high priest of Palo Mayombe and dedicated to healing through spiritual methods and astral travels. He shared with us the complete history of BWANA to know through his incredible vision. We invite you to read the liner notes that accompanied this careful 45rpm edition.