Poder del Alma



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Psychedelic Latin-funk holy grail from Nicaragua, 1974!!

First ever reissue!!

Poder del Alma (“Soul Power”) was a supergroup formed by some of the best musicians from the Nica scene. This all-star band of nine members was assembled to play at the famous free concert of Santana in Managua in benefit for the 1972 earthquake. After that successful gig supporting the Latin-Rock superstar, what was to be a one-night stand became the seed of the most loved Nicaraguan act from the 70s. All the members had already played an important role in the history of the Nica music / hippie scene in the 1960s. Among them, we can find Román Cerpas (previously on Bwana), René “Chapo Domínguez (Los Rockets), Edgar “El Gato” Aguilar…

A few months after the Managua concert with Santana, Poder del Alma traveled to Guatemala to record their first long play for Dideca (Discos De Centroamérica, S.A.) in just one week of recording sessions. Despite the low budget and precarious recording equipment, the band managed to obtain a powerful psychedelic / afro / funk-rock sound full of electric guitar, heavy drums, hot, percussion, horns, Spanish male/female vocals…featuring titles like “El Valle del Ayatimbo”, “Ia-Taa Yo”, “Zúmbale”…

*Remastered sound
*Original artwork in gatefold sleeve
*Four-page insert with liner notes & photos
*Download Card

SIDE 1: 1. El Valle del Ayatimbo – 2. Terciopelo – 3. Ia-Taa Yo – 4. No Hay Nada Nuevo Bajo El Sol
SIDE 2: 1. Que Rico – 2. Caperucita Roja – 3. Mujer – 4. Atardecer – 5. Zumbale