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“A Psychedelic Journey to Greece in the 1970s. Vol 1.” For some reason, Greece has remained as one of the last corners in Europe to be explored for Underground music in the 1970s, a scene that has been unknown to most Western collectors. Sourced from rare 45s and LP albums, in this compilation you’ll find pure psychedelia, early progressive sounds, killer keyboards, piercing fuzz guitars, lots of breaks, Eastern psych sounds and even some euro-funk. The LP is a hand-numbered edition limited to 600 copies, which will sure fly away fast. Includes an informative insert with extensive liner notes.

Side A: 2002 GR – O trellos, Mad – Kaliteri Zoi, ALLOY – Twra fevgeis, Thanassis Gaifilias – An eixa duo anases, Mariza Koch – Skepseis, Peloma Mpokiou – An thes ela kai esu

Side B: Sounds – Parakseno Taksidi, Boomerang – The Automobile, Despina Glezou – Stis 12 Iuliu tha ginei eklipsi iliu, Elena – Poso thelo, Daltons – O trellos, Elpida – Koita to fos, V. Dimitriu – I omologia