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Introducing ‘Planet SP1200’ by KLIM. KLIM, the producer and beatmaker based in Kyiv, draws inspiration from classic hip-hop, chill music, and boombap to craft music that combines fresh soulful vibes with a hard-knocking style. With over 4 million streams across various platforms, including lo-fi beat staples such as ‘Night Café’ and ‘Butterfly,’ KLIM returns with fifteen tracks created using the EMU SP-1200 and Akai S900 samplers, infusing a ’90s vibe throughout the project.
Influenced by artists like Pete Rock, Lord Finesse, Jay Dee, George Fields, and Mr. Brown, KLIM’s music is a reflection of the magic found in everyday moments that surround him. It’s a product of the emotions that stir within him, where the world serves as his artistic canvas, and each sound and melody is a heartfelt attempt to capture his experiences and thoughts. In his words, “My music is a bridge between my soul and the world, and I hope it can touch the hearts of others, just as it touches mine”. Join KLIM on this musical journey, where the past and present harmonize in a symphony of emotions and experiences.