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First ever vinyl release of the final Bronco Bullfrog album, originally released as a CD only edition in 2004.

Recorded in Spain with Joe Foster (Creation, Rev-Ola Records) as co-producer and with Fausto Martín (of Spanish power-pop band The Winnerys) at the mixing desk (and also on searing 12-string Rickenbacker guitar on a couple of tracks), “Oak Apple Day” saw the band combining their 60s-70s influences in a stellar way, offering a cohesive collection of brilliant pop songs: “Sunday Wheeling”, “I Don’t Need The Sunshine”, “Mock Orange Innocence” and more!

You can expect the usual doses of three-part vocal harmonies, overdriven guitars á la 70s Who, mid-’60s folk-rock, vintage power-pop, freakbeat, psychedelic-pop…it’s all here!

*Remastered sound
*New artwork by Dan Abbott
*Insert with liner notes and photos

“Many people have told me that Oak Apple Day is their favourite Bronco Bullfrog album and that’s basically all we could ever hope for” – Andy Morten

RIYL: Hollies, Who, Beatles, Byrds, Gene Clark, Beach Boys, Raspberries, Move, Rubbles, Teenage Fanclub…

Side 1: 1. Sunday Wheeling – 2. Your’e My Head – 3. I Don’t Need The Sunshine – 4. Hey Mary – 5. Wrong Things Right – 6. Mock Orange Innocence
Side 2: 1. New Day Way – 2. I Got The Rain – 3. Deep Six – 4. Between Here And Beyond – 5. Emporium Days – 6. Litmus Paper Suit