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Founded in December 1984, they started to make a name for themselves (the name comes from Stanley Kubrik’s classic “Clockwork Orange” and stands for a special drink which was available at the Korova Milkbar. In the russian translation “Moloko +” means “milk with knives”). At the same time in Great Britain bands like Bauhaus, Dead Can Dance, or Southern Death Cult started a new era in music: Gothic Underground.

Moloko + with its singer Martin Holm gave great concerts and got a well known name in the scene in Southern Germany. TV, Radio and the press followed closely the rise of the band from Landshut. The 1986 published first record is still an admirable jewel and should not be missed on any searching list. They got prepared to record a second album when “suddenly a comet burned out, near the sun, on distant skys”.

“In meinen Taschen die Sterne wie Staub” (Translation: In my pockets the stars like dust) – The song from the first album and our thoughts are dedicated to our leadsinger Martin Holm, who left our world much to early.

Mastered 2014 by Yves Roussel.
Edition of 400 numbered copies. Hand printed with photoengraving (each cover is different). Comes with DIN A3-sized poster printed double sided.