Lord of The Ringside (Color)



Cat Nº: ARLP70-56Fcolor



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CLOWN, Plymouth UK based, formed in mid-1970.


* Fully laminated cover.
* 4-pages (LP-sized) coloured insert with bio, photos, lyrics and memorabilia.
Limited to 100 colour vinyl copies.
180gr vinyl as usual.


An excellent progressive rock sextet which had the luck (???) to produce just one single in early 1972 for CBS, containing the tracks “Lord of the Ringside” and “Rumania”. Both tracks recorded in October 1971.
At the same sessions, the band recorded 6 more demo songs. These tracks were intended for a forthcoming full-length album by the same label, which unfortunately never finalized and appears here for the very first time. Completing this release, we have added both their single’s tracks and 4 more songs, recorded as their first demo in January 1971.
Clown had lot of gigs playing with bands such as Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Raw Material, Man, Lindisfarne, Lee Riders etc.
After some personnel changes, Clown came to a halt in the summer of ’72.
The band’s line up was including the classic “rock” core of guitar-bass-drums augmented by the sax-flute-keyboards progressive touches. Superb musicianship, beautiful orchestration and rhythm changes flirting with the late 60’s psychedelia and the early 70’s british folk rock.


All 12 songs included in “Lord of the Ringside” LP here, are coming from old surviving tapes which have been carefully restored and remastered. “Ed Welch”, the song which concludes the album, is coming from a semi-destroyed tape but as it is one of their best (and “heavier”, indeed) songs and an excellent example of Clown’s powerful live presence, Clown members wanted to be included and so we did our best on making it possible, restoring it from the scratch.


Pls note that some compilations (mainly from the 90’s) have some songs with wrong titles, credited to a band called The Alby. In truth, these are Clown original recordings. Clown had never had The Alby monicker. Alby was just the nickname of Alan Hodgson, Clown’s lead singer.