La Vida Es Como un Gel



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More tan 30 years ago, in Barcelona there was a band called Terminal. They used weird instruments and listened to groups which were kind of weird too, such as Tuxedomoon, DAF or John Foxx, amongst many others. In that Spain of velveteen trousers and living room rockabilly, they were regarded as if they were from another planet and no one knew how to label their sound…and in some cases, not even how to interprete it. Someone said it was Techno-Punk, a strange term but which fits perfectly their peculiar style. They were so peculiar that they even rejected an invitation to be the backing group of The Police in their concert in Barcelona, in 1983.

Today, we feel particularly proud of announcing that we have rescued from the storehouse of memory all the unpublished demos, a collection of 8 songs recorded between 1981 and 1982 taken directly from the original tapes, in a really luxurious edition.

Each cover hand stamped.