La Marca De Anubis (LP+7″)



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LP + 7″. Originally released in 1982 on the DRO label, “La Marca De Anubis” was the debut album by LOS INICIADOS, an obscure project related to legendary Spanish synth-pop band AVIADOR DRO. Always shrouded in mystery, Los Iniciados decided to hide their indentities behind masks. The only visible and confirmed member was Arco Iris (aka Marta Cervera, also on Aviador Dro) and according to rumours, behind the other nicknames we find Biovac N (Servando Carballar, founder of Aviador Dro and the DRO label) plus members of Alphaville (the Spanish post-punk band).

On “La Marca De Anubis” we also find Jesús Arias (of Andalusian punk band T.N.T.) on electric guitar. The album was produced by Servando Carballar (Aviador Dro).

Dark & eerie MINIMAL SYNTH / DARK WAVE sounds with a POST-PUNK edge, highly influenced by THE RESIDENTS, Dadaism, performance art and ancient Egyptian cults. Including cult classics like “Peter Pan”, “Soy el vacío” and more!


*Master tape sound.

*Original artwork.

*12-page LP sized insert with liner notes by Tomás GL (La Fonoteca) and rare photos / memorabilia.

*Includes repro 7″ of “El Cantor De Jazz”, their rare EP from 1982.

Tracklist: A1. Obertura – A2. La Marca de Anubis – A3. La Comitiva Celeste – A4. Meritatón y El Nilo – A5. Isis y Osiris – A6. Resurrección – B1. Atlas – B2. Mantis Religiosa – B3. Ella Es Intangible – B4. El Hombre Sin Nombre – B5. Peter Pan – B6. Soy El Vacío – C1. El Cantor de Jazz – C2. Posesión – C3. Arco Iris – D1. Sangre de Ángel – D2. Enigma y Tu Voz