It Became Crystal (Clear Blue)



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“It Became Crystal” by Blue Sharks is a release by Redi Edizioni Musicali, an historical company from Milan that, in addition to curating the digital catalogue of Edizioni Leonardi’s library music and sonorizzazioni, is also re-printing faithful vinyl reproductions of the most prestigious titles from Leonardi’s catalogue. These records were originally released in very limited editions, often as not-for-sale promotional material, and many of the original LP’s are now very rare and collectibles almost impossible to find!

The library music LP re-release series by Redi Edizioni Musicali starts off with a true colossus in the genre. The record was written by maestros Giorgio Zinzi (under the pseudonymous “Ipcress” in the record’s credits) and Carmelo Carucci, who managed to involve composer and songwriter Stelvio Cipriani to collaborate with them in 1972: under the name “Blue Sharks” the trio created a perfect mix of rock, funk and soul, together with elements borrowed from their previous soundtrack works. The Moog synthesizer contributes to making this album unique and captivating from its first to last note. An evergreen classic!